The Company was established by the Spedo Bothers in 1952, linked by their strong passion for agricolture. At the beninng, the factory was built in Villa Bartolomea, a small town not far from today’s industrial building. Right from the start, creativity and perseverance made them create and implement a range of agricultural machinery for sowing, ridging and harvesting potatoes.

That was an immediate success, because the models were designed on the real needs of the manufacturings and created by the direct experiences while working in the fields. The spreading of the machines by the farmers of the time allowed the company to grow quickly, developing technology and organization of the plant.

In order to conform the manufactuirng structure to the new market demands, the property was moved to the municipality of Castagnaro, by acquiring a large area which in time has allowed the building of the facility, headquarters of Spedo at present. Over the years, the company has been equipped with modern technologies to optimize manufacturing processes.

From a technical point of view, the company still invests in research to further improve the technical characteristics of its products, in order to provide the market with better machines more and more competitive.

The technical office of the company is constantly involved to improve the quality of its products and guarantee reliability of all the machines to customers.

The existing size of 7,000 square meters, makes the company able to face any job order with flexibility and precision, thanks to the production management which leaves no space for uncontrolled variables.

Spedo development plans in medium term include the upgrading of the range of machines, by improving them both technically and functionally. As regards trade, the wide covering area of the business will be further enhanced with the implementation of new commercial agreements.


For many years SPEDO machines have been used by the army to demine minefields.

The weapons industry through its new sophisticated technologies produces new anti-tank and anti-personnel mines particularly sensitive to touch and difficult to detect with metal detectors, so this makes the post-war mine clearance of fields a highly dangerous operation.

Technical reaserches in this sector have developped through the years several solutions which have never succeeded to remove all the risks for operators. The application of the SPEDO machine for manufacturing and harvesting potatoes was found a winning solution for efficiency and safety of operations.

Military technicians have tried and tested successfully in the fields the SPEDO machines and this new opportunity has given the company the chance to make a new commercial opportunity in the public utility sector. So, SPEDO is proud to collaborate in this context, since its own equipment is also used to save lives.


Since its foundation the company has always invested in the development of the commercial area by participating in trade fairs and specialized events, in order to promote the characteristics of its own products. The positive feedback for quality and technological level have come from the market, also by the institutions and organizations of the sector which see the SPEDO machines particularly useful for agricultural activities and for economic development of the companies themselves.