SPEDO Technical Office is the core and reference point of the main manufacturing activities of the factory.Here are the main functions in the Technical Office:

– disposition of processing boards for departments.

– quality control of materials in each stage of the processing cycle.

– functional testing of machines at the end of production.

– technical and technological research for creating new models.

– design of new machines or improvement of machines to be produced.

Product industrialization is constantly assisted by technicians who not only deal with internal depertments of the factory, but also make inspections in the satellite structures when unavailable for the production of semifinished products or the creation of surface finishings.

SPEDO Technical Office uses the most modern computer technologies for control and design which are completely carried out within the company.

Technicians are always professionally updated to get the best through the technical management of production and for the design of new models.

Office equipment is frequently updated, computers and software programs are the best you can find on the market for the needs of the technical area.