Model SRPA 2/S DRR

Unlike the junior, the Senior is born of a series of market needs:
1. Minimizes the manpower;
2. Skipping a passage and bring the product directly to a storage warehouse by trailer;
3. Clearly, reducing consumption and digging times (3-5 ha/day)

The digging head of the machine is totally independent and free to oscillate for a better adaption to the ground and is composed of two feeler rollers that regulate the digging depth, 2 haulm intake rollers and 2 grass cutting disks. A digging belt 165 cm wide vibrating by means of camshafts, transports the product on a defoliating conveyor of equal width that provides for the cleaning of the leaf part of the plant. Subsequently the product crosses a series of screw rollers (with variable opening) for discharge of small clods or crushed stones. Then the product is placed through another belt on a hydraulically adjustable cleaning hedgehog in inclination and in the speed to carry out a further final cleaning of the product. Finally, a lateral charger belt conveyor with a width of 1 mt conveys the product directly onto the trailer.

Model SRPA 2/S DRR
Width cm 280
Length cm 1075
Height cm 335
Weight kg 6300
Required power kw 80
Output ha/day ha 2-5
Sieving web width cm 165
Sieving web width cm 100
Defoliator web width cm 165