Onion Digger

The Onion digger is a compact and robust machine.

The rotating digging shaft is square and allows to move the onions from the ground, loading less land on the belt.

Model CCPN-130 CCPN-150
Working width cm 130 154
Width cm 150 174
Length cm 235 235
Height cm 126 126
Weight kg 500 530
Power hp 50 60

The iron roller Ø 275 positioned at the rear under the machine, allows to compact the ground for a better harvest; The adjustable rear slides, coated with rubber, allow to convey the onions in a single swath without damaging them.

Rotating digging shaft (square of 40 mm, in steel); The side tips allow a better stability of the machine.

The front rotating roller, consisting of 3 blades in rubber, accompanies gently onions on the conveyor belt

Onion loader

The Onion Loader is a compact, robust and towed machine. The elevator-sieving belt is 600 mm wide. With features intercalated bars to prevent rolling and peeling. The platform of selection or sorting is constituted by a 850 mm. wide belt, divided laterally by two blades. In the central part of the belt is conveyed flow of the onions and all the collected material (earth, stones and leaves). The personnel, positioned on the two sides of the harvested product is conveyed in the big boxes placed on special supports positioned on the rear part of the machine. The two belts (elevator and sorting) are hydraulically operated with variable speed motors easily adjustable by the operators of sorting.

Model SPRA-1/J
Width cm 220
Length cm 530
Height cm 160
Weight kg 840
Piking off meb cm 85
Required Power hp 60
Sieving channel ha 60

Adjustable Wheels for depth control.

Support for big boxes (reclosable).

Compacting Roller made of special sponge; Onion Conveyors.